Our Observatory

Our first telescope was a 4.5 inch relector. Small and easy to move around. It was bought in the early 1980's and was upgraded in the mid 80's to  a Meade 10 inch Starfinder relector. This was a lot more difficult to store and set up when required. At this time Sue was the astronomer, I would pop out to look at the occasional 'must-see' object and help with set up and storing of the 10".

Eventually we had had enough of this and decided that an observatory was the only answer.

The following pages show the evolution of our Observatory

I developed an interest in astrophotography and bought myself a 4" then a 6" refractor, the latter on a HEQ5 mount. After a season of setting up outside in the cold we decided that a new observatory to accomodate both of us was required.

So back to the drawing board.